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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I talk with my mom on the phone every morning {and repeatedly throughout the day!}, and the other day we were talking about making picnic quilts because we love to spend time outside.  Then we each saw this on the Fresh Figs Blog {one of our daily reads} and individually decided it was perfect!  So, this morning while we were chatting, I asked her if she'd seen it, and sure enough she had.  We both were online oohing and ahhing, when we realized the pattern was available in the BHG Quilts and More magazine!  Now we are both the proud owners of the magazine and these adorable quilts are added to our "to do" lists {now we just have to finish a few projects, but these are soon to follow}.  And yes, I drove all the way to town just to pick up the magazine, even though I won't get to start the quilt right away, at least now I have it available to drool over in the meantime, besides, baby was napping so nicely in his car seat, I couldn't resist...


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