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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shopaholic: Cinnamon Sticks

I really love stamped jewelry.  I've seen so many cute pieces on Etsy and elsewhere, I knew I just had to have one after my baby was born!  So, when Josiah asked me what I wanted for Mother's day, I knew immediately what it would be.  So, I contacted the sweet Canela of Cinnamon Sticks {who was highly recommended to me by a friend who has the Rustic Mom Necklace} and requested a special order.  This is the necklace we worked out:

{thanks Canela for letting me use your photo!}

It turned out perfect and I wear it almost every day.  I decided to ask for different charms so I can add to it if we have any more kids.  The backs are stamped with our anniversary and baby's birthday.  Now this is the kind of keepsake that makes a memorable first Mother's Day.

{love it!}

1 comment:

  1. GORGEOUS!!!
    Kudos to Josiah!
    Hope it was a wonderful day!


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