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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington: Stehekin

One of the most memorable visits on our Washington vacation was to the little town of Stehekin. Located on upper Lake Chelan, and accessible only by plane, boat, or hiking, this little oasis was unforgettable.

In order to have the most time available, we got up early and took the Lady Express up lake one clear morning. We could not have asked for better weather.

One of my favorite things about the secluded little town were the adorable cabins.  Nestled in the mountains and trees, they offered a quiet, cozy, life.

I really wanted to own a cruiser myself, with a basket of flowers, and take it for a ride down the enchanting path and soak up some sunshine.

Or, perhaps, borrow a canoe and take it out on the crystal clear lake, and have a picnic too.

There was an Organic garden selling fruit and goat cheese {so many places in the northwest are organic, it's amazing!}.

We had a little huge lunch at the cute bakery {the path was all the way to Rainbow Falls, but we didn't make it that far on foot with Silas in the baby pack...maybe next time}.

We sat outside at the picnic tables, and watched a variety of people come and go, while we enjoyed the good food and the cool shade.

The inside was at least as cute as the outside. I must admit, I was disappointed to eat a sandwich for lunch, all the yummy pastries were calling to me {I did answer the call of one delicious peanut butter cookie}.

Walking back to the dock was just as exciting as walking out, because the scenery changed so much. A cottage that was tucked away in the trees appeared when we were going the other direction.

And I couldn't resist a few more photos of this bicycle. I really think I need one just.like.it.

So, while I am honestly not sure if I could live somewhere so remote, dreaming about it is just lovely.  And I really hope this was the first of many trips to this enchanting little place.

1 comment:

  1. oh. my. goodness.

    those cabins are AMAZING. looks like a forest fairy tale! what an awesome place to vacation!!

    reminds me of home (oregon)... and wow, you were lucky with the weather. looks spectacular!


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