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Friday, October 8, 2010


Since my computer makes adding photos to any blog post an event that takes hours, bear with me that there aren't any here.  This is really just a quick question and I could use some input.  When leaving comments on blogs, how would you like the blog author to respond?  Would you prefer an e-mail response {if your e-mail is attached to your profile}?  Would you like a reply in the comment thread of the post you commented on?  Or would you prefer the author to visit your blog and comment there?  I realize this may vary depending on the type of comment left, but just generally speaking, which is best?  I've posted a poll on the right side to gather some feedback.  I am curious to hear from you!


  1. I like to be emailed, through my profile, because if they just leave it in the comments, I might not necessarily go back to that particular post and see it. I guess you could leave it on my blog, but where would you put it? So email is best for me.

    And I totally feel your pain on the photo uploading thing! I *often* don't post pictures!! It's such a pain!

  2. I enjoy personal notes from my blogging friends, but sometimes that is a lot of work for them. I think it depends on the question too. Sometimes I answer personally and sometimes I post it in the next posting if it is something, everyone might want to know.


  3. Im sorry you have such a problem with photos Do you upload them to flikr first? Flikr has an uploader you can dl to your computer. Then I would set it to upload at a time when you are doing somthing else. To add to your blog is easy and quick. There is even a flikr app for your iphone!


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