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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Helper & Finished Mug Rug

Sometimes this little boy is more than one mama can handle!  While I was putting the finishing touches on my Mug Rug and accessories...Silas thought he would help too.  He grabbed the little coaster and threw it in the path of the needle on the machine.

So much for it being a good idea for him to sit on my lap while I sew.  It is amazing how quickly he caught on {and how quickly he lunged forward to grab the coaster!}.  I can't even remember the last time I laughed that hard.  Who knew a baby would try to sew too?

And, speaking of my mug rug, it is finished!  About half way through hand stitching the hexes, I was regretting making something completely hand pieced {especially considering I've never hand pieced anything before this!}.  However, I am glad I stuck to it and finished.  Now I have the itch to make a few more hexes for myself {I found an easy way to do them, I'll share it with you as soon as I cut some more out}.

In addition to the large rug, I made a small 5" x 5" coaster and a little napkin.  My partner revealed that she keeps a teapot at her desk, so I thought a large rug for that, a small one for a mug, and a napkin for a cookie would make a nice set.

I also backed them all with matching fabric that was in contrast to the fronts, just to provide my partner something fun, and reversible.  Hopefully she will enjoy using them and they are to her taste.  I think that was the most difficult thing about this swap {and best}, these rugs were supposed to be to our partner's taste.  I really hope she likes it {and I cannot wait to get mine!}.


  1. These are fab, I love them! I love the little tiny hexies!

  2. Love your little hexies! Very clever way to use them!

  3. Great mug mats. I was thinking of doing some little ones to add to packages.


  4. This post made me laugh - I used to put my daughter on my lap when she was about that age, and yes she tried to "help." Once that started, the sitting her on my lap stopped! lol When she was very little, I would lay her in/on the Boppy pillow on my sewing table next to my machine. Now, at 2.5, she likes to come in and watch me, and there is a scrap box under my cutting table where we collect her "fabrics." She loves this, and gets the out to play with them & feels like she is participating - wonder if she will grow up to be a quilter like me?! Amber in AK

  5. Your quilts and blankets are lovely!

    I found your blog through the ‘follow me’ thread on the cloth diapering forums and added you on GFC. P

    lease consider following me back at my new blog and entering my cloth diaper giveaway!


    Also let me know if you are interested in having your crafts featured on my blog :)


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