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Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

My mom gave me a little something special this year for our Christmas tree, two Baby's First Christmas ornaments.  Before I even had a chance, my mom and dad bought the ornament I had been planning to get for Silas this Christmas {I picked it out at Hallmark sometime this summer...I just love Hallmark ornaments}.  But, also, in the bag with Silas' ornament, she gave me another Baby's First Christmas ornament dated 1983...my ornament!

And, it's a Hallmark too!  So now, both of them have a home on our little tree.  We pick out a {few} new ornament{s} each year that have some significance in one way or another, and it's fun to look over each of them while decorating the tree {I may even share a couple more later}.  What are your most special ornaments?


  1. Hi Jennie!! LOVE the ornaments! My mom did the same for me when I had Brittney 25 years ago and Kate too. Brittney is getting to "that age" and I cannot wait to by a baby's 1st Christmas ornament to give to her with the one we have for her!! It's a GREAT tradition, a look at the ornaments every year and all the fun family memories come flooding back!
    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Love it! Aren't ornaments so fun? I love how every one on our tree has a meaning {well, minus the little filler ones... we don't have enough to fill the whole tree yet!}. I didn't realize you and I have the same Baby's First Christmas ornament - how neat is that?


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