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Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Are You?

Since every post needs a photo, this is what happens while blogging with an almost-2-year-old on the loose!

Sometimes I feel like this blog is just me rambling on and on, but it wouldn't exist without all you wonderful readers.  So, I thought I'd try something different today, I'd like to get to know you!  I've found some of my favorite blogs from looking at comment profiles...but I'm sure there are more out there that I'm missing!  Not to mention I've been spending a lot of extra time sitting around with baby Norah, so I wouldn't mind having some new blogs to visit!

Just leave a comment answering the following questions and I'll visit your blog {make sure you leave your blog address too!}:

1. Who are you?

2. What is your favorite thing to sew?

3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently?

4.  What new thing would you most like to try?

I look forward to getting to know you all better!


  1. Oh, this will be fun to read!!!! 1)Kristy, 2)quilts, but they take so long that i don't get to make too many! 2)I made a girly HST quilt that I just love love love. 4)I really want to make a Dear Jane quilt. But I think I will wait until my skills are just a tad more advanced. However, a postage stamp quilt is also on my list and in the near future!

  2. Hey girl. I enjoy reading your blog although I mostly lurk and don't comment.
    1. Belinda
    2. Charity quilts for babies in the NICU
    3. A quilt for my daughter
    4. Bargello quilting. (not sure I can handle that though. :)

    Great fun!

  3. You've visited my blog before, but I'd love to have you again!! 1) Heather, a 35yr old wife, and mom of 2 boys 2) quilts!!! 3) Aprons for my mom and sister for Christmas - they weren't the most fun things to make but they turned out so cute and were SO well received that it was definitely made worth it! 4) I need to try free motion quilting. I am afraid of it and need to get over that, oh, and also I need the right foot for my machine.

    I look forward to reading everyone's responses!

  4. 1. Sharon
    2. Love all things scrappy
    3. Newest - not quite finished - the 12 Days of Christmas sampler
    4. New thing to try - inset circles - working on that now

  5. 1. Denise
    2. I'm just learning to quilt so it's my "new" favorite thing to sew.
    3. Favorite thing recently are fleece blankets for my sons and their girlfriends and my grandson. they were for Christmas.
    4. I am going to try a dresden plate block this year.
    My blog address: www.mywhittleadventures.blogspot.com
    I love the pretty things you post on your blog!

  6. What an awesome idea! Love it!

    1. I am Danny. I am a mommy to a chubby five month old, Clara Mae. I blog over at www.mommyforreals.blogspot.com. Come see me!!
    2. I love to sew skirts! I wear them all the time. I also like quilts because I can give them to people as gifts, but I'm slightly addicted to skirts.
    3. I made a scrappy quilted stocking for my baby girl. I think that was my favorite. I've been making a lot of modern quilt blocks too, but haven't actually finished a quilt lately.
    4. I want to make a bag. I have a new pattern for the Metro Bag, so I want to try that. I also really want to use up my Folksy Flannel to make a plus quilt like Jeni's over at In Color Order. I just love that quilt!

    If you like what you see on my blog, follow me!

  7. 1) Hi! I'm Kelsey
    2) I am new to quilting but so far I love making quilt blocks- quick gratification :)
    3) I just finished a great quilt that I gave to my mother-in-law for Christmas! I still need to blog about it..
    4) I would really like to try paper piecing!!


  8. 1. I'm Erin! I blog over at www.invisiblegirl.org

    2. My favorite thing to sew is definitely quilts, especially quilt tops.

    3. My favorite thing I've made recently is probably this quilt I made for my nephew on his first Christmas: http://invisiblegirl.org/2011/11/jds-silly-safari-quilt-completed/

    4. I really want to try paper piecing hexagons! This past year I conquered applique (which I LOVE doing) so I think I can do it if I put my mind to it :)

  9. 1) I'm Jan and I blog over at www.isisjem.blogspot.com
    2) I love to make bags and smaller items the best because I stand a chance of finishing them.
    3) my favourite recent make is probably any of the bags I made for people as Christmas presents.
    4.) I really want to make a larger quilt than the one's I have to date. I always have good intentions but then get overwhelmed and it either doesn't get finished or I don't even start.

  10. i'm rita, older, but still learning all about
    it seems i like cutting fabric more than sewing it up for i got stacks of things cut and stashed with the patterns. but, i do sew and finish the little projects.
    i really enjoy applique and just getting around to finishing my garden of hope breast cancer wall hanging. i am raw edging a whole bunch of little bitty pieces. the only technique i've not tried is needle turning.
    i am most interested in learning fmq ... i am doing sew cal gals free motion course and follow leah day and patsy thompson

  11. Gidget here in the Pacific NW
    I love to make quilts....never used the same patter twice yet..
    I made a black/white and yellow Drunkards Path quilt for a Christmas gift... so bright and cheery!
    Someday soon I will make a quilt with the patter 'Swoon' just love that patter!

  12. Good Afternoon...
    1. Who are you? I am Leslie and I live in the SF Bay area of Northern California. I'm a retired teacher and a grandma to two DGDs.

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? I love to sew almost anything but I definitely do not do clothes anymore. I also usually have a hand-work project going.....redwork, English paper-piecing, etc.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? I'm had fun making a Disappearing Nine
    Patch for my guild's community quilts project. Since Christmas, things have been slow
    4. What new thing would you most like to try? I'm determined to try Laura Wasilowski's embellishment techniques this year.

    I have a blog at soren2go.blogspot.com

  13. Well, I think you know me a little, so I hope this isn't terribly boring!

    1. Who are you? I'm Anita - a wife and mother in NY, working part time, sewing in my spare time. I won't bore you anymore.

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? I'm loving sewing quilts, but I used to love sewing handbags...and still enjoy making them, but producing the same thing got old. I love doing new things...trying new patterns, playing with different fabrics...it's fun!

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? I love my snowman quilt I made for my sister.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? I want to paper piece or do something with hexies...I just haven't gotten around to it.

    Yep, that's about all. =) Love your blog...and it's never boring...don't think that!

  14. Hello
    I'm dawn from quiltingbydawn.
    I love to quilt and make crafty things.
    My favorite thing that I made recently would be my Let It Snow table topper quilt I made as a Christmas gift.
    I would like to make a dresden plate quilt this year.

  15. What a fun idea!
    1. Who are you? - Amy aka A.J. Dub

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? - Gifts and useful quick projects. I am an instant gratification gal.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? - Stay Put Kitchen towels. They stay put!

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? - Free motion quilting. I am about to embark on that journey.

  16. 4. would like to try fusing;
    3. brown and pink table runner (almost done!);
    2. quilts;
    1. Jodi (wanna-be full-time quiltmaker but have to work :-( )

  17. 1. Who are you? I'm Becky, former teacher turned stay at home mom.

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? anything new...I like the creative challenge of designing patterns or crafting something I've never made before...but don't ask me to do anything twice, I get bored too easily:) But in general, dolls (and their clothes, accessories, etc.) and quilts.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? I drafted a new doll pattern last night and have been working on the proto-type today...she's super great!

    4. What new thing would you most like to try?
    well...gussets were number one on that list, and I've been working on drafting and making those for the last two days...

    Come visit at belle-n-bee.blogspot.com. I always like new visitors:)

  18. I'm Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling. (http://buzzingandbumbling.blogspot.com/ )
    My favorite thing to sew is whatever my current project happens to be. I guess I'll have to say quilts top the list.
    Recently I made a quilt using a new Christmas present - an Accuquilt Go!
    I would most like to try...hm....it was the Accuquilt. I tried it. I liked it!

  19. 1. Carrie P. from North Carolina
    2. Lately my favorite thing to sew is any small quilt project. I have done so many big ones that I enjoy making little things.
    3. Wool applique snowman pillow
    4.Rug hooking

  20. Hi Jennie, hope you're enjoying that beautiful baby girl. Of Course you are! :)

    1. Who are you? Victoria

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? Mini quilts, bags and pouches

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? A new make-up bag for myself http://www.boutiqueuniquely.com/2012/01/first-mini-project-of-2012.html

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? I would like to try some more difficult quilt patterns.

    My blog is http://www.boutiqueuniquely.com

  21. 1. Who are you? Caroline

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? Bags, usually made from old jeans. I recycle them and sell the bags to raise money for a charity which feeds starving children in the village of Utange, Kenya.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? A little owl phone case. I put a tutorial for it on my blog.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try?
    I'd love to try using a long arm quilting machine - it might even inspire me to finish off the six or more quilts I currently have in various stages of completion! Sadly it's probably going to be a very long time before I get that opportunity.

  22. 1. I'm Kathleen.
    2. Mug rugs, small sewing projects like notebook covers, coin purses.
    3. I made my daughter a pillow with our state (MD) and her boyfriends state (PA). Which happens to be where she goes to college. She loved it!
    4. A 'real' quilt, meaning big enough for a bed.
    My blog is AlwaysSewLove.blogspot.com

  23. 1. Kristen.
    2. I love to sew hexagons together.
    3. I'm working on a bed-sized hexagon quilt with embroidery, but I'm not finished quite yet.
    4. I'm actually trying to make a block a day with my calendar (which is my new adventure for this year). I've made it 5 days so far and just need to finish today's block and get it posted. :)

  24. 1. Lori
    2. I love sewing quilts.
    3. My favorite thing I have made lately is a quilt for my new baby niece.
    4. I am planning on trying to FMQ. I have been scared to try!


  25. 1. LeAnn
    2. Quilts
    3. Tree skirts for my two youngest adult kids.
    4. Doll making

  26. Hi Jenny... I read often but seldom comment..

    1. I am Fiona, from Australia and I blog at http://bubzrugz.blogspot.com/

    2. Not sure I have a favourite... I am still in experiment stage

    3. A baby quilt

    4. Dresden plates

    Love the thread bundle....

  27. 1. Sandra

    2. Quilts/wallhanings

    3. St. Patrick's Day wallhaning of my own design is a work in progress. Hope to have it finished by midweek.

    4. Am trying it already. Just very recently got into applique and will be doing a full size quilt.


  28. I am Amorette, 30, mother to a 2 year old
    softies, though i haven't made one in a while!
    a little apples string block quilt for my mom
    i need to try embroidery! there are so many excellent projects to make, and my sister is fabulous at designing and making her own, but i need to try it out!

  29. 1. Who are you?
    I'm Stephanie! I'm 26 and a half (still young enough to count halves, haha!), but also an old married lady, a cat lady, and definitely a huge nerd. :)

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew?
    I loooooove quilting. I only started sewing a year ago but I adore making quilts for my husband and I as well as for family.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently?
    I made a cape for a friend's almost-three-year-old son for Christmas. I blogged about it not too long ago. Our friend said that he slept in it for several days after Christmas! :)

    4. What new thing would you most like to try?
    I'm really looking forward to getting into more complicated quilts, things that actually require blocks, and accuracy.

    Steph :)

  30. I am Tami, I am a Mom to a 2 year old.
    Favorite thing to sew is probably Table toppers.
    Favorite thing I made recently is a doll quilt with a matching pillow for my daughter.
    I would like to try making some clothing for my daughter I also would like to try adding a little embroidery into my sewing.


  31. What a great idea! I've only just found your blog via 'Unconventional Katie' and the market tote she made.
    1. Pam, living in Austalia and blogging over at http://threadingmyway.blogspot.com/
    2. Bags, especially bags for children
    3. A little shirred dress, complete with shirred pocket
    4. I'm going to learn to quilt this year and have signed up for my first QAL

    Looking forward to reading about lots of new ideas on your blog...

  32. Hi Jennie,
    I'm Kathleen from Australia
    I love quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and cooking - I blog at http://kathleens-sewing.blogspot.com/
    My most favourite thing I made recently was a knitted toy mouse
    I would love to try needle turn applique - but so far I've been too scared!
    Love your blog - your creations are beautiful

  33. How fun!
    I'm Tiffany. I have twin boys that are only a few weeks younger than your Nora, so I know what you mean about sitting around all day in need of something to read.
    I love designing and putting together quilts, of course!
    I just finished making crosstitched stocking cuffs for my boys. Crosstitching is my first crafty love.
    I want to make a pair of I-Spy quilts for my boys someday... if I can convince my Hubby to let me join a swap!

  34. Hi, I'm Vicki. I like to sew quilts and other stuff. Sometimes cute things for my 3yo girl. (That's coming up soon, she's outgrowing a lot of her clothes right now.) I'm currently getting ready to machine quilt my king size quilt and I'm a little bit afraid. New things... I don't know. Our family just moved from Kansas to Seattle 3 1/2 months ago and that's a lot of new stuff. I'm sticking with making familiar stuff for now.

    I just started following your blog during giveaway week, love it!

  35. Hi Jennie!
    1. I am Connie from south-eastern Ontario, Canada
    2. I am a quilter - I have very diverse tastes. I swing from very old traditional fabric & designs to modern & fresh designs. I also love to cook, take pictures (but would like to take a course sometime to get better) and I blog at www.conniepeter.blogspot.com.
    3. I participated in my first virtual 'quilt-along' "12 Days Of Christmas Quilt Along" and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quilt it made.
    4. I would like to get better at machine quilting - I'm not good at it and need to practice more.

    I love your blog - I love watching your family grow (my kids are adults now)....you are also very talented and have re-inspired me.

    Keep up the good work and hug your kids everyday!


  36. Ooh, fun!

    1. My name is Frances, I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's in Costume Construction, been sewing for the past couple years.

    2. My favorite thing to sew is definitely clothes. I don't have the patience for quilting, although I would like to try it some time in the future.

    3. Probably my favorite recent sewing project is a Sorbetto top in zebra print with red trim. But there's a few more projects I'm looking forward to starting...

    4. I'd like to start making steampunk clothes soon. I've got pages and pages of sketches and ideas... it's time to start sewing them!

  37. 1. A beloved wife, mother, grandmother and great grand
    2. I love to piece quilts - do not so much like FMQ.
    3. My redwork with my favorite stitchery words, just need to make the backing of the pillow, then it will be a pillow.
    4. I will be working on my UFO challenge and getting rid of some scraps this year. No buy, no need year.

    I always enjoy following your blog, seeing your creativity take over your life - what a journey. Judy C

  38. I'm Michelle
    My favorite thing to sew is Quilts!
    My favorite things that I have made lately is Mug Rugs!
    I would like to try and make a quilt totally by hand.(not any sewing on my sewing machine)

    Have a great day!

  39. Fun questions
    1. Who are you?
    2. What is your favorite thing to sew?
    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently?
    Landscape quilt
    4. What new thing would you most like to try?
    Free motion quilting on a mid-arm

  40. Oh, what a fun idea. Here's who I am.
    1. Svetlana
    2. quilts and bags, bags, and more bags
    3. scrappy baby quilts and Freckles pillow using Scrap Republic
    4. a very intricate quilt using tons of tiny pieces

  41. 1. Pam @ Antique or Not

    2. I'm a brand new quilter, so I haven't decided yet.

    3. No completed projects yet.

    4. It's all new to me! LOL

  42. 1)Charlotte from Grammieq.blogspot.com
    2)Love to quilt the most
    3)just finished my Birdie Stitches quilt (and blogged about it)
    4)I would love to try hexies. They look so cute!

  43. Hi! I'm Suz from PatchworkNPlay! Quilts are my favourite thing to make! I'm pretty please with my new stars that I'm making for a new quilt! I'd like to try all the wonderful foundation piecing patterns out there - pickledish is on my list!

  44. Jennie, This is such a great idea!! I may repost this.
    Who I Am: I'm Sunni and I love to sew quilts and clothes without a pattern. If things don't match up, it doesn't bother me!
    My favorite thing that I made recently is the Hopscotch Quilt I wrote about on my blog and also a journal cover I sent to a friend for her birthday. I wanted to KEEP it!
    I make my own patterns now, but I would like to learn how to make a downloadable or paper pattern to put on my blog. I would also like to learn more about designing fabric on Spoonflower. Those are a few of the goals I have this year!

    I would love to know your answers to these questions!

  45. Oh what a clever idea! You already visit my blog, but I'll play along anyway. :-)

    1. I'm Kathy, mom to Karina and soon to be mom to Elena (due any time now!) and wife to Bill. I was a teacher until my daughter was born and now I'm just her mom! I love all kinds of crafting, including rubber stamping, scrapbooking, sewing, and other random things I do every now and then.

    2. My favorite thing to sew....I guess that would be simple projects I can complete in one sitting. I have made little bags, simple baby dresses (pinafores, really), and stuff like placemats and pillowcases. I have done bigger things, too, like 2 quilts, but they aren't my usual thing.

    3. My favorite thing I have made recently would have to be a case for my Nook. I lined it with velvet from this napkin I had bought on clearance many, many years ago (just one, that was all they had; bought it for the velvet) and the outside is a pretty pink and white damask cotton. I did drawstrings and they actually work, and it actually fits the Nook perfectly (which doesn't normally happen since I'm not exactly a perfectionist and don't often measure correctly).

    4. Oh, I would love to try a serger and/or a digital die-cut machine. But I think the serger would be cooler. Neither are things I think I would use often, but I bet if I learned to use a serger I would use it more than the die cut machine. I guess it's a tie.

    www dot daydreaming of cloth diapers dot blogspot dot com

    I hope you have fun visiting all these new blogs! (while snuggling a little lovey bundle of Norah!)

  46. 1. I'm Staci

    2. Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! Love bags, too, of all sizes and shapes.
    Starting to get into a bit of embroidery, which is what led me to your blog a few months ago.

    3. Christmas Tree skirt

    4. Curves and set in circles. Both scare me!

  47. 1. I'm Lee Ann L. (There are other Lee Ann around the quilting interwebs that I started adding the L. part to my name)

    2. 100% cotton fabric! Ha! mostly quilts. :-)

    3. I'm still working on the Layer Cake quilt from a quilt along. As much it was a a pain, I think I'm going to really love it in the end.

    4. mid-arm (machine) quilting.

  48. Oh how fun!!

    1. Who are you? I'm Christie from Describe Happy (...at www.describehappy.blogspot.com) it's all puppies, dirt, and sewing. And yes, sometimes all at once.

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? I'm hopelessly addicted to quilting at the moment -- more geared toward art and bed quilts.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? My Plus Quilt from Outfoxxed fabric... was a gift, but still trying to figure out how to steal it back.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? I really want to get into sewing and designing my own clothes this year. We'll see.

  49. Fun!

    1. Who are you? Alisa from Chilliwack, BC Canada, wife, mom of 5

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? Definitely quilts but kids clothes is second.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? A plus quilt - though it's not totally finished yet.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? Not really sure. I would like to venture into more exciting types of quilting. I'd like to try embroidery one day too, but not until I have more hands free time. (Your blog makes me want to try it more and more.) And in the very far future I'd like to learn to knit.

  50. I'm Barbara at Cat Patches, Newberg OR. I love sewing quilts, especially for,gifts. My favorite finish last year was my Kitten's Tale BOM. I would like to learn needleturn applique.

  51. I am Jess (Jessica) I blog at Scrappy n Happy and I live in Queensland Australia.
    My latest finish I just love, I made 2 Baprons for my SIL who is expecting her 5th baby in a few weeks.
    I am going to try long arm quilting and hopefully I will be able to get the hang of it!

  52. Jennie, this is a fabulous idea... i just love it!
    {one} I'm Keera {and a huge fan of clover and violet}. of live.love.sew {live-love-sew.blogspot.com. Living on a large cattle station in southern Queensland, Australia, married to an amazing man, teacher to lots of lovely children, quilter, sewer, baker etc...
    {two} my favourite thing to sew are gifts for others - be they quilts, clothes, accessories and soft furnishings. I love giving gifts...
    {three} my latest finish {which I am hugely crushing} is the mock-up of my very fist quilt pattern {called Candy Wheels}. its all pinwheels, and colour with lots of character. I love it, and cannot wait to receive the printed patterns so it can be released {has been a work-in-progress for way too long!}
    {four} something I absolutely would love to do more of is free motion quilting... as well as a dresden block, and maybe some paper pieced hexagons?!
    Hope to see you by my little space again soon {always makes my day!}
    Keera x

  53. Hello Jennie, I've been following your blog for a bit now, comment here and here occasionally. I'm Dorian, the RidgeTopQuilt-er. I love sewing bags as well as quilts. I'm teaching myself to machine quilt right now, and having a great time. Even though I really need a walking foot, I am discovering! My favorite thing recently is my baby quilts I am quilting. I think I'm doing pretty good, although there are a few bumps along the way. I love the way you and many others are embroidering in your quilts, and want to learn to embroider. But I have nerve issues with my hands, and can't sew with them anymore....hence the reason I am teaching myself to machine quilt :)

    Nice to 'meet' you. Have a great day!

  54. OH, just click on my name and you'll see my blog listed :)

  55. 1. Who are you? Me,Becky, Sarcastic Quilter, mom, contract negotiator, basketball and football lover, beer lover, wine lover, food lover... Okay, I'm a lover when I'm not being grumpy or annoyed or interrupted or... wait, what did you want to know?

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? quilts

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? Hmm, not sure but I do have to say I'm likingt he SAL blocks I'm still working on from your Embroidery 101 SAL.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? Right now, nothing. I want to hone the new skills I've been learning the last couple of years. That is this year's overall goal.

    Nice to meet you.

  56. 1. Who are you? A fulltime wife and working Mom to college kids-- that keeps a quilt pattern in her purse the the premise of never wasting a minute.

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? Quilts, totes, runners, any kind of patchwork.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? I'm going to blog about it today-- The ruffle quilt for my daughter.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try?
    Zippers -- they terrify me.
    Also --completions...This is the year...to finish what I start.

  57. 1) I'm Meg. Librarian, quilter, reader, blogger.
    2) My favorite thing to sew, bar none, is a quilt.
    3) My favorite thing I've recently made is a scrappy improv quilt for my friends' 4-year-old daughter. I loved it so much, I think I'll make another one--for me!
    4) I'm with Melanie--I'm terrified of zippers, but I love little zip pouches so much, I really want to tackle that this year!

  58. Hi Jenny, I love reading your blog! I am Leanne and I live in Canada. I am loving to sew quilts these days, I recently made a ROYGBIV reversible quilt which I love, and I am not sure what new thing I want to try, maybe cathedral windows.

  59. Janet from the Yukon. I like sewing small things best because the reward of a finish comes quickly, but I also feel quite pleased when I finish a quilt. I am most pleased with my grandson's quilt that I finished to give him for Christmas. I want to try new techniques that I haven't tried yet. More applique, more paper piecing, and some art quilting.

  60. 1. Who are you? I'm Chris and I live in NH

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? I LOVE sewing quilts

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? I made a baby tumbler quilt for a new baby girl and I love it

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? My husband and I bought a lake camp recently so I am hoping to get into kayaking this year

    I look forward to getting to know you all better!

  61. I am Laura. I blog at lauralovesquilting.blogspot.com
    I love to sew anything for someone else. Anything from wedding dresses to baby gifts.
    The most favorite thing I have made lately is a diaper holder/changing pad clutch for a very close friend.
    I would most like to try circles in a quilt. Signed up for a curves class.

  62. such a great idea!

    1.I'm Rhonda and I blog at quiltnutcreations.com
    2.I love to sew baby/lap quilts; they are usually just so quick to do up
    3.My favorite thing I completed would be the snowflake wallhanging for my dining room;
    4. I would like to try making a circle quilt.

  63. I don't have a true blog yet - just learning - love your heading with the Westies on top ... I am guessing you named your blog for your doggies? Clover and Violet - how sweet!:)
    I have a baby dog named Willie (who is mapping under the knee hole on the desk right now - and his "brother" Bratley.
    Cathy Byrd

  64. 1. Kerri. Mom to two boys ages 11 & 4. Fultime nurse, wife, sports mom, and crafter. 2. I love making quilts and placemats. 3. That's a hard one. I like all the quilts that I have made. But my favorites are the ones that I give as gifts. 4. Trying new free motion designs and opening an etsy store. Thank you for asking us about us!! Love following your blog.

  65. Oooh, what a fab idea!
    1. Who are you?
    I'm Wendy from Nottingham
    2. What is your favorite thing to sew?
    I love sewing bags, but I love sewing most things
    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently?
    Hmmm, tough one. Probably my linen bunnies
    4. What new thing would you most like to try?
    Everything. Seriously, I'm on a mission to try every new craft, currently I'm in love with needlework and Blackwork is on my horizons

  66. I didn't leave my blog address as you can access it by clicking on my name in your comments, but it's http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.com

  67. Well this is a great idea.
    1. Selina from selinaquilts.blogspot.com
    2. Almost anything that moves along quickly enough for me to finish at least the top before my attention is off somewhere eles.
    3. This fall I made 3 Snowmen quilts for my Nephew's families. Very satisfying.
    4. Starting on the 15th, Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits http://theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com/
    will be having a block of the month that incorporates wool applique,stitching and patchwork. I am so looking forward to trying wool applique. That will be a whole new area for me.

  68. Gosh, you are going to be busy reading...for sure! I am Pam aka creativedawn and I love making dolls, quilts, and oh my, so many other fiber manipulations. My latest finish is a handbag...

    and a doll here..

    . http://www.flickr.com/photos/9358950@N05/6482392573/
    I'm working on a quilt now...I AM a sewing butterfly!
    I would love to try to finish a clay creature...doll or whatever this year. But next on my list is to participate in the free motion quilting that is going on at SewCalGal!
    big hugzzzz

  69. Hello Jennie,
    I've been following your blog for a while. I guess I haven't sent you any comment till now, but I love reading your blog and hopefully will join one of your events one day. Here's some info about me :)
    1. I'm Paulina and I come from Poland.
    2. I really love hand embroidery - I've been doing Hardanger for a while, recently I started to learn Sashico embroidery. My second love is sewing (patchwork in particular) but I'm beginner with this and there's lots to learn before me :). If you'd like to see the results of my work you are welcome to visit http://embroiderycorner.blogspot.com.
    3.Recently I made my very first quilt and I'm proud of it though it's far from being perfect:). But I spent a good time working on this. I also did Sashico pillow which is pretty decent I think :).
    4. I have no idea about free motion quilting. There's a project going on on one website with tutorials to learn this each month and I started practicing. So this is my goal for 2012 :). To get the grip of FMQ.

  70. Hi! I usually lurk, hehe.

    1. Sleepy Alli :>
    2. I think I like bags the best, just because they're cute and quick. If I could make quilts faster, they would be my favorite!
    3. This is a Kobo case for my dad -- it's my favorite because he likes it and I'm happy when I see him using it all the time! :)
    4. I'd like to try hand-quilting a whole quilt. It'll have to be something that I don't have a deadline for, though... :D

    Hi, Norah! Let your mom sleep a little! :)

  71. This is really stepping out of my comfort zone, so here we go!
    1. My name is Judy and I blog (when I have time) at www.sewriprepeat.blogspot.com
    2. I'm just now re-introducing myself to sewing now that my children have grown. I used to always make my kids costumes, Christmas presents, and home decor items.
    3. My most favorite item that I made recently were fleece pillow blankets for my nieces for Christmas. I inserted a zipper in them and the girls loves them. (haven't blogged about that yet)
    4. I've signed up on craftsy. com for a block of the month. I've selected my fabrics, bought my supplies and now just getting the courage up to make my first cut. So exciting to finally learn the art of quilting.

  72. Hi Jennie...

    1. Who are you? I’m Hafza from Malaysia, a full time Librarian, and mother
    to five children below 16 years old age. Sewing and crocheting are what I did in my spare time.

    2. What is your favorite thing to sew? I love to sew bags, pouches and almost any projects that don’t take much of my time.

    3. What is your favorite thing you've made recently? I've had fun learning how to make quilt(Embroidery 101-my first)and Mug Rug that I’ve made for my hubby.

    4. What new thing would you most like to try? I'm determined to improve further on quilting. This year my goals are to sew and learn quilt sewing technique by following Quilt Along online.

    Well …that’s all about me:}

    Love your blog!!

  73. Hello Jennie, I'm Rhonda from Oregon. I am a full time homemaker and enjoy sewing of all kind anything to do with fabric and textiles. My favorite thing to sew is quilts, but bags, totes, and making my own patterns comes in a quick second. My favorite thing I am working on right now is my first applique quilt called "hearts desire". The newest thing I am trying this year is handwork. I have joined in on several stitch alongs, but yet to get to go to town and buy my start up supplies. Going there today to get the basics.

  74. 1. Jen - wife and mom who works full time outside the home.
    2. Bags and totes. Instant gratification of sorts and doesn't use much fabric. Funny thing is, I don't really use the totes I make. :)
    3. Swoon blocks. I am enjoying them right now. I really want to work my way through my WIP list.
    4. Knit or crochet. The granny afghan squares are really catching my eye. In the quilting world, I would like to get over my fear of free-motion quilting and just suck it up and do it. I also need to get over the fact that it's NOT going to look perfect the first time around and I need to practice, practice, practice!


  75. Hi! I'm Amy. I work full time and use sewing to help me relax and feel actually productive in my free time. (My job is pretty dull.)
    I like making lots of different things and experimenting. My most recent finish was a new shower curtain - I'm pretty pleased with it.
    As far as learning - I'd like to relearn knitting and crochet since I've been noticing pretty things around lately. I was never very fast at either so it was hard to actually finish anything. The one thing I made was a pair of socks which I have since worn a hole in. I guess it's time for another pair!


  76. I know you have visited before, but this is a fun little exercise. :)

    1. I'm Katie, a 30 year old living in Minnesota with my boyfriend and dogs.

    2. I don't think I have a favorite thing to sew. I love making mini quilts, bags, decorate objects, and the few pieces of clothing I have made.

    3. Also can't pick a favorite thing I have sewn recently. Each new thing is my favorite, so I guess the banner I made last week.

    4. I want to learn so many things, and not just sewing exclusive. Some things I have planned for this year are to dye fabrics, relearn welding, and photo transferring/alternative photo printing.

  77. 1. Holly, wife, mom, crafter and part-time arts employee in SW Ohio.

    2. I love to embroider. Adore it. It's funny, though: I tend to forget that in between embroidery projects (cross-stitching doesn't count) and remember when I notice how happy I am making something new.

    3. A felt owl mask I made for my son for Christmas turned out well. The tree skirt I'm in the middle of now is looking great too!

    4. I'm working on my quilting skills, which are pretty loosy-goosey. Working up to bed-sized quilts for our home.

  78. 1. Kris of Dandelion Quilts Blog. Wife, mother, daughter, teacher.

    2. I love to sew bags and baby quilts. Both are a lot of fun, although I sew many, many things. I still plan to do your Ruby Market tote bag...I just keep pretty busy during the school year.

    3. I made some really cute mug mats in Kate Spain fabrics. That was fun.

    4. I would like to design patterns. I've been thinking about buying some software perhaps.

  79. 1. Christen of Love Elaine. Marketing Manager by day, sewing maven and fabric hoader by nights and weekends :)

    2. Aprons! I love how quickly they go together - i need instant gratification!

    3. I've recently made a pillowcase dress for a friend's little girl - it went together quick and was SO ADORABLE! My friend cried - it was super special!

    4. Although I sew and spend a lot of time with fabric, I'm ready to dive into quilting. I've made a raggie quilt before, but none with machine quilting. That, and I'd love to try some hand embroidery :) I am IN LOVE with hoop art lately!

  80. 1. I am Jenniffier. I am a teacher. I live with my two german shepherds and my loving husband. I blog over at Jenniffier's sometimes creative life: http://jenniffier.blogspot.com. And that is just what it is, as I often get distracted and have way to much going on toe be as creative as I would like to.

    2. Quilts. I like making quilts.

    3. My favorite finish last year was my posh quilt.

    4. I would like to sew more... Things not just quilts, purses, maybe even a skirt

  81. 1. I'm Sydney, a Californian living in London

    2. I'm pretty new to sewing but I have made one finished quilt and one quilt top (your stitch and quilt along!) that I really love, but I made a jacket for my niece that I really enjoyed making.

    3. I made an Oliver + S jacket for my niece that I had a great time sewing.. Really steep learning curve!

    4. I am knitting myself a blanket, but I also want to make myself an article of clothing. Something that I like enough that if I saw it, I would buy it in a shop!

  82. 1. I'm Cindy, mom of 4.
    2. My fav thing to sew would have to be clothing for my kids.
    3. I'm most proud of a wool duffle coat I finished this month.
    4. I'd like to try sewing pants for me.

  83. Hello from France where I am a passage on your blog, I discover things beautiful, sublime creations, you have fairy fingers, continue ...