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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Maybe you remember my post about my disasterous sewing room?  Well, although it always looks like that in the middle of a project, I try to keep it more organized.  So, when Shruti of 13 Woodhouse Road was hosting a sewing spaces week and wanted contributors, I volunteered.  Head on over to read my post on Notions Organization.  And, if you're interested, do your own post about notions organization and join the linky for a chance to win fun prizes!  And, for our readers, check back later for a fun little giveaway here too!

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  1. My sewing room is my general craft room, which is the smallest bedroom in our house. It has a nice closet, which is stuffed full. I have a huge scrapbooking/stamping surface (covered), part of a library card catalog storing stamps, a sewing table, a computer table, and a tv. You almost can't walk. My hubby promised that after my brother moves out (he's staying temporarily while he's in school) then I can put my sewing stuff in that room and share it with him (it's also his computer room and sort of a library). I hope that will give me more motivation to sew AND craft. Right now, big fat nothing gets done in my room!


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