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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Feature & Flickr

Happy middle-of-the-week everyone! I'm incredibly honored today to be featured over at Diary of a Flutter.Kat with my post on blogging etiquette.  As a follow up to my post over there, I thought I'd share a blogging tip with all of you about using Flickr.  Even though I've been blogging for a while, I just recently became an avid Flickr-er.  There are lots of wonderful things to be said about Flickr, but I thought I'd focus on how to blog your Flickr photos, which allows you to control the sharing of your photo much easier.  Start at Flickr and copy the HTML for your photo:

Paste it into the HTML of a new blog post. I like my images to be centered and for some reason when I add them they are to the left {even though the photo says it is centered}, so I add the HTML code "<center> </center>" as shown:

Then, click over to "Compose" and adjust the size {I personally like the large size, it seems to fit well and give a good view of the photo} - see below.  On a side note, if you only blog your photos from Flickr, anyone who has a thumbnail of your blog on their blog list will not get your photos in the feed.  To fix this, upload your first photo directly to blogger and change the link by clicking "edit link":

Instead of copying all the HTML, just copy the link here:

And paste it here:

This way, your photo is hosted directly on your blog and will appear in a thumbnail on a blog list, but the link will redirect to Flickr, which will still let you control the sharing of your photo.  Now, that you're a little more familiar with Flickr, watch out, browsing some of the amazing photos over there can be addicting!  Don't say I didn't warn you!


  1. Looks great! Thanks for that! will link in on Sunday :)

  2. hi jennie...thank you for this tuto!
    i've always thought blogger was so stupid to have changed the opportunity to easily change the link for pictures in the 'new' editor...d'oh, it was me who was stupid! i've never seen the 'edit link' tab, although i use the 'add caption' all the time...*lol*


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