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Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Down

I have finally finished my potholders for the Potholder Pass {and they are going in the mail today!}.  As I said before, I had a difficult time getting excited about brown, but I actually love how these turned out {I want to keep them}!  I made two different styles because I thought it would be more fun.

Potholder Pass 6 - Finished

However, the pinwheels are definitely my favorite.  So much so, that I am planning to make something kind of similar for my living room {if I could just finish up my other projects.  I also included a little something else in the package, but thought I'd leave it out of my photos until my partner receives it, that way there is some surprise!  Oh, and if you're interested, round 7 of the Potholder Pass is going to start up early next month {I think} - the theme is not square.  That should be interesting and fun!


  1. i love brown! these are fabulous

  2. Oh, I hope they are mine! They are terrific! Just perfect!

  3. Good choice on the browns-with-print on them... adds such life and charm! And how on earth do you get your squares so squared?!?! Amazing!!!

  4. Brown isn't my favorite, either, but you did a great job. I love them!


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