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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Is How...

...we get stuff done around here.  {Now, don't be fooled by that cute face...usually he is also trying to grab at everything around us, he was just distracted by the beeping of the camera timer!}  I do keep a bunch of toys in the sewing room too, so, sometimes he plays with them {that is usually short-lived}.  But, I guess I'd rather spend time with my boy than make a hundred quilts {besides...it's not like I was super motivated before he arrived!}.


For those times he actually gives me a break, I also keep some of these on hand at all times to keep me going.  Lately I feel like a distracted sewer...everything I need to get done is on the back burner, and I'm working on a bunch of little projects instead.  Maybe I've got too much caffeine and chocolate in my system.  Also, Josiah is off of work for the week, so if my blogging {and quilting} seems absent-minded, it is because it is interspersed with traveling and family time.  At least he can spend some time with the boy while I sew...


  1. Hi Jennie,
    Love your picture, your little guy is a so sweet and reminds me of my little grandson, Calvin. I've sewn with him on my lap too but my daughter and I have learned a couple of expensive lessons about trying to sew with Calvin:
    1) Iphones make very expensive teething toys, that don't hold up and..
    2) Little hands and arms can reach pretty far and move amazingly fast, LOL
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Very sweet! And the coffee and Dove chocolate looks like my sewing table.

  3. Hilarious! And don't you love how motherhood is similar across the planet?! I blog with a baby in my lap. Somewhere a mom is sweeping her hut with baby on her hip. In another city a mom is conducting business meetings via phone while spooning baby food into a little mouth. We are women, and we get 'er done!

  4. It is so hard to get things done with my daughter in tow, too! I finally just gave up and don't craft at all when she's awake. I tried when she was younger, but she would just cry, so I gave that up. She was just too important!

    I don't sew with her on my lap, but I have checked email and stuff. It's hard. She tries to "help". :-)

  5. Haha, the picture looks so familiar. I already did that through three kids and now the kitten has taken over the spot on my lap while sewing. Unfortunaley that one loves to catch threads. lol


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