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Monday, February 21, 2011


Final Mug Rug 3

Here is my finished mug rug for the current swap.  I don't know what possessed me to quilt this mug rug with the tiny meander.  I guess I thought it would look cute...but now I'm feeling disappointed.  I'm thinking I should have just put a box around the words and banner, and then quilted it.  Maybe.  I don't know.  But, I love the words and banner too much to just discard it, so instead, I made my partner a second mug rug.


It matches the original, but is quite a bit different.  Interestingly, this was actually my first idea for a mug rug before I had really snooped around at what my partner likes.  So, maybe it won't be her style, or maybe I should have gone with my first instincts.


Seeing the two together I am much happier with my work.  Who knows, maybe she'll love the both {I hope!}...  Instead of a regular binding, I used Kerri's Single Binding Tutorial and am very pleased with the result and will continue to bind small objects this way.  Brilliant!


Now I just have to assemble my little package and get this in the mail. I'm already looking forward to the next swap... Oh dear, I may have a problem!


  1. I think they are both cute! The saying is funny. I don't drink coffee, but there's another one I read somewhere that I think is just hilarious, "A morning without coffee is like sleep."

    I'm sure your swap partner will love them!

  2. Both are very nice! I really love the quote. Thanks for the link to the binding tutorial.

  3. Your mugrugs are adorable. Those little flags are just too cute. The tutorial is great; have to try it out on the next mini project.

  4. Well you know what I don't see anything wrong with it but we all have those projects where we step back and go Hmmm

    BUT...I do want to thank you for the linky to that tute on the binding!

  5. Loving the mugrugs....I have finished the binding on several and have thme ready to send off with some additional gifts from the coast of Maine and surrounding quilt shops...

  6. So pleased the binding tute worked for you! The binding looks great on bothyour lovely rugs :)

  7. These are both totally awesome! :) Thanks so much and you were right on target for me - with both of them!! :) I totally appreciate the sweet stitched words and the tiny meandering stipple! :) I'm in awe!

  8. Wow, I love the quilting around the bunting!

  9. I think the banner rug is Darling!! I would love to make some thing like that! ~ Jo


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