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Friday, June 10, 2011

22/52 :: School Bus

This little guy really loves the school bus, in fact, he will stand at the window and watch for it to go by, and then shouts "tho tho" to make sure everyone notices. Well, imagine his delight when his grandma got to show him around some real school buses! It was rough to capture a photo because he was so excited!


  1. They always love them when they don't have to ride them! I walked to school or rode the bus until I was about 14, at which time I started riding to school with my cousin who had a car. I was SOOOOO happy to be in a car. It's not as much fun after you've been riding forever. Glad he's enjoying it now!

  2. Let's just hope he retains that excitement all of his life - school buses are a sign of hope I think. Especially in the fall when school first starts back! blessings, marlene


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