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Friday, July 22, 2011

28/52 :: School Bus Book

This little boy loves to read. I've come to the conclusion we don't own enough books, I can only read the same ones over again so many times each day. However, when getting him a new book today, I think I made a huge mistake. I saw this School Bus book and thought he would love it.  He does.  We have read it at least two dozen times today alone.  I think I have it memorized.  Yikes.  Any recommendations for other board books?


  1. LOL, I'm so glad your little one loves books! You can never have enough of them. LOL.

    Hmm...my kids liked Jam Jamboree; Brown bear Brown bear what do you see; any books that showed tools or vehicles..and all the Dr Seuss books...and Cat in the hat...oh so very many great kid books out there!

  2. Every board book you can get your hands on.. and when you come out of board books, one of the favorite books for just out of that stage that my daycare kids LOVED to read together, and always chose.. was Dinosaur ROAR. They acted out all of the stages.. and giggled all the way. It says Dinosaur BIG, dinosaur small, dinosaur short, dinosaur tall.. and makes comparisons all the way up until the end when it says DINOSAUR ROAR.. when the kids always roared like a dinosaur.. which made them giggle. It was so fun to read together.

  3. My kids both LOVED Good Dog Carl and Good Night Gorilla. The cool thing about both of these books is that there aren't any words, so you get to make the story up as you go along. The pictures tell a great tale, and it's a lot of fun being the story teller.

  4. We own approximately 2309457823948652347534 books, and yet I still end up reading the same ones over and over. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she goes through phases with her books. She'll want certain ones for weeks and then switch to another set. Little ones like repetition because everything in their lives--things you and I as adults take for granted--is new and exciting. Repetition is familiar, and therefore pleasant to them. Boring to us, fantastic to them; and strangely enough I read somewhere that it promotes their creativity. I don't know how, but I read that it does.

    My daughter likes anything Sesame Street, anything with trucks. We have both board books and regular books and she does great with both. One she really likes is called "Sea of Sleep" by Warren something about otters going to bed; another is called "All the World". She likes "Move Over Rover", "There's No Such Thing as a Dragon" (from when I was a kid), actually, to be honest she likes just about any book she gets. In fact, looking at the bus book, I'm thinking she neeeeeds it because she loves buses!

    I say just load him up with books and be grateful that he loves them; it will make learning to read a thousand times easier when the time comes.

  5. Your little one is so cute and really looks interested in the book. My grandchildren liked the book Insects. They love to look at them.

  6. "Goodnight Moon" - well loved by everyone.

  7. Tony's current favorite book is "Fiesta Para 10", a Spanish version of a little counting story about a family going to the grocery store and then cooking together for a feast. He picked it out himself at the bookstore, and has to read it every time he goes to bed! He also likes, "Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers". I like "Bad Kitty". :)

  8. I can totally relate - my daughter does the same thing with her favorites. And unfortunately (since she's just 12 months old) her favorites are usually just the "Peek a Boo, I see Baby!" books - not exactly the most interesting story :)

    As for a recommendation, I got a beautiful book for Charlotte recently called "The Wheels On the Bus" - it could be perfect for your son to graduate to!


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