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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Embroidery 101: Block Seven

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Okay, I'll start off by admitting, I had not one single idea for this embroidery block!  I got through the first six no problem, and then seemed to hit a brick wall...but my sweet husband came to the rescue {apparently he can design embroidery blocks too!}.  So, with a few sketches from him, I designed this one.  I will take credit for choosing colors, stitches, and adding the vines...but the rest was his idea {I actually drew the one you'll be stitching, but it was based on his sketch}.  Fortunately, my drawer's block for the remaining two blocks has also been cured by my mom...more on that next time!

Download the PDF pattern here or the JPG image here.


The  majority of the block is back stitch, but the clouds feature the Split Stitch, the vines are the Feather Stitch, and the rope is the Herringbone Stitch.


The stitch patterns feature two different wells, one with the vines and one without. I did my best to draw the vines, but I felt that mine turned out better when I just stitched them without drawings. So, I've given you the option to do them either way. I've also left the space for the Herringbone Stitch on the well blank, that way you can adjust your stitches to a comfortable width without worrying about trying to copy the lines.


I hope you enjoy this block, it is another favorite for me!  I thought it stitched up pretty quick too {I did almost the whole thing while taking my blood sugar test!}.

Also, I wanted to remind you that there are still a couple days left to post a photo of all six of your blocks to the Block Six linky {I apologize for any confusion if you tried to link up and the linky was already closed, I accidentally chose the wrong date!} for a chance to win a little handmade goodness {that I was working on last night!}.  Happy stitching!

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  1. Cute! Funny how the DH's can help out from time to time with our hobby, isn't it?

  2. Yay for hubby! I like the wishing well... makes me smile.

  3. Hubby helped me with your last block too! I collect baskets and I liked yours but I had a specific picture in my head for how picnic baskets look to me. So I came up with some pics and he helped me draw it out. You said we could change it up, right? I love this well!

  4. Tell hubby great job! I am not sure if I will need the vines or not. I generally don't do anything freehand. Thanks again Jen! BTW did you get your pen?

  5. I love everything about fall - the colours, the crisp air, the return to school routines, my three daughters' birthdays and now, my annual quilting retreat. I could use the jelly roll as my project at November's retreat!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Thanks again Jenny - cute embroidery pattern!


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