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Monday, October 31, 2011

42/52 :: Sewing

I hope you're not tired of seeing pictures of this little boy sewing!  While I was frantically making the Ruby market tote last Friday, he was busy sewing up some scraps himself.  Good thing he cannot reach the pedal and the machine at the same time!  Sorry to keep this so short, but I still have a lot of projects to work on, so I may be in and out this week.  Seems to be difficult to blog and actually make stuff too!

What are you sewing and quilting this week?


  1. He's beautiful...I love seeing him there!

    I hope to sew my quilt. I pin basted it last week, I just need to get some red thread to quilt it. =) I showed it to a friend today and she loved your blocks. I had fun telling her all about the adventure. =)

  2. He's so cute! Maybe one day you can show us a video of how he sews. :)

  3. He is super adorable. I want to squeeze him more every time you post a picture of him!!!!

  4. Never too many pictures! He is adorable!

  5. that photo is cute but I am glad he can't reach the pedal too.
    I am working on some applique blocks.


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