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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Embroidery 101: Assembling the Quilt Top (& the Giveaway!)

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Once all nine blocks have been embroidered, it's time to put the quilt top together!  The first step is to arrange the blocks in the order you prefer.  I arranged mine according to the fabric choices, and not based on which embroidery block was stitched first.  I chose my favorite block for the center {the birdie}, and then worked around it.

If you're having a difficult time deciding which block should go where, chose a somewhat pleasing layout, take a photo of it, and then give it a rest.  Come back to the photo a little later and see if it really is the layout you prefer, or if anything needs to be moved.  Here is my final layout:

Embroidery 101: Completed Top

When assembling the quilt blocks, press the seams in opposite directions to line up the corners. For one row, press seams as follows:


The next row would be pressed in the opposite direction, like this:


After stitching the rows together, press the seams in the same manner, like this:


This should help all the corners to line up easily because the fabric will be fewer layers and the seams will nest together.

Now that you've seen how I've assembled my quilt, I'd like to show another option, adding a sashing. {Please note: I did not plan for a sashing in the original quilt design, therefore, additional sashing fabric will be needed, as well as some additional backing and binding to the requirements listed here.} Janelle of Echinops and Aster is also a Stitch & Quilt Along participant, and she's done a mock-up of a sashing in photoshop {and she doesn't mind me sharing it with everyone!  You can read her post here.}. Here's her first sample:
It uses a 2" sashing {cut the strips to 2 1/2"} and a small square made with the same fabric as the binding.  For this sashing you will need about 1 yard of sashing fabric.  In addition, for the back you will need about 3 3/4 yards of fabric, and 1/2 for binding.
The next option uses a 3" sashing {cut the strips to 3 1/2"}.  For this sashing you will need about 3/4 yard of sashing fabric.  In addition, for the back you will need about 3 3/4 yards of fabric, and 1/2 for binding.

Hopefully this helps you get all those lovely embroidered blocks together.  And now, as promised, there is a giveaway for everyone who has a completed quilt top.  To enter, link a blog post or Flickr photo of the finished quilt top to the linky below.  The winner will be drawn at random for all qualifying entries on October 26th.  We've partnered with Sew Lux Fabric to give the winner free fabric: 6 half yards {or 12 fat quarters} from the Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts Shop{In order to win, we must be able to contact you; please make sure your e-mail address is in your linky entry!}

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This linky list is now closed.


  1. I just finished block 8! boohoo....what happened to the time. I better get buzzing on block 9.

    I'm excited to see it all together...I just have a BUSY month...and other things are taking over my time.

    Thanks for keeping this going for us Jennie&Clara!

  2. Already? Oh boy...better get crackin'!

  3. It looks so pretty! Some day, some day, I will make a quilt and do it the right way...without cheating, like I normally do, ha ha! It's so adorable!

  4. Will you be leaving the embropidery stitch tutes, instructions and pdfs up for use after the end of the 101? Thanks,Marcia

  5. So beautiful...i need to finish stitching the block 9. Oops... is the giveaway open to International entries? Thanks!!

  6. Wow - thirteen finishes! It was so fun = thank you Jennie! I'm sandwiching mine right now.


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