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Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Vest for boys (or girls!) (tutorial)

This guest post is part of the Welcome Baby Tutorial Series!

Today we're welcoming Julia from Blue-J Cottage.  My attention was actually drawn to Julia's blog because of the adorable blue sewing machine she uses as her profile picture {you know I love cute sewing machines!}.  Not only does her blog have some great tutorials, but she even made her own wedding dress...now that is amazing!  So head over and say hello, and thanks to Julia for sharing this great tutorial with us!

Hi! I was so excited when I was asked to do a tutorial for the welcome baby series. My sister had a baby in June, so I have been making lots of baby things lately.

I tossed around ideas of what to do for quite awhile... Finally I thought, with the Holiday's coming, it would be fun to create something for a little guy to wear. There are so many fun outfits for girls that the boys often get left out. Anyway, I decide to do a super cute Holiday Vest.
Holiday vest I made for my nephew!  Tutorial to come, on Friday!
This project would be best for an intermediate/advanced sewer, but I am going to try to describe every step as best as possible....so anyone who's willing can follow along! I hope it's not too much but mostly hope it helps!

Let's get to it!

You will need:
Fun fabric for the vest
Plain fabric for lining
Batting (I used warm & natural; you probably could use something thiner)
Elastic cording
Coordinating thread
Freezer Paper
Measuring tools of some sort (I used my rotary cutting mat and ruler; a yard stick/ruler would work.)
A flexible measuring tape will help too!
Basic sewing supplies

1. Decide how big you want to make the vest.
- I used a onsie as my guide. {which may not have been the best idea, it was a little small for what I wanted...}
- The most accurate way is to measure the actual child. {I would suggest waist (all the way around the largest part of their belly) and length (from shoulder to where you would like it to stop)}

Add, to your measurements, 2 inches to the width and 1 inch to the length. Divide the width in half and you have the size of the front and the back. Use the length as is.

2. Take the freezer paper out and make yourself a pattern for the vest using the measurements you took.

I started with two rectangles {for the front & the back} the length and width I wanted. Folded it in half.

Then I decided how large I wanted the arm and neck holes.
{you can measure from the shoulder to where you think it should stop, or just eyeball it.} I wanted mine to be 5". I added one inch and cut a rounded arm hole. Make sure you leave room on the side {probably a little more than mine} to fit around the little guys body. Like a "gusset".

I used a jar lid to make the neck hole. So it was even and rounded.

Then decide how you want the neck line and the bottom. I decided to make the neckline a "V" {instead of having a fold} and the bottom even {instead of having points.} You can do either. Just add them to your pattern now.

**I didn't cut the front into two parts yet. I decided to wait until I cut the fabric before cutting it.**

3. Now that you have your pattern, we are ready to cut! Iron the shinny side down onto the fabric.
{If you have never worked with freezer paper before...it's the best! You can iron it on then peel it right off and use it over and over! So helpful!}

After everything is cut... cut down the center of the front panels to separate them {I folded mine in half and cut}

You will end up with: 2 Front panels and a back panel of: main fabric, batting, and lining fabric.

4. It's time to sew! Finally!! {Don't you think prep takes too long sometimes?!}

Lay the two front pieces {right sides facing each other} onto the back piece. Pin them at the shoulder and sides, and sew! {1/4 inch seam allowance}

Layer batting and lining {wrong sides facing --- right sides out} and then place the lining/batting front panels onto the back panel {right sides facing} Pin them at the shoulder and sides, and sew! {1/4 inch seam allowance}

Now you end up with this:

5. Layer the two layers together, front on the inside and the lining/batting on the outside {right sides facing each other}

Line up all of the seams and pin. {I did this at the shoulder, under the arm, at the "V" of the front and the seam at the bottom side}

Add elastic in one side of the front of the vest, pin in place. {excuse my already sewn picture....I got a little excited}

Pin all the way around the outside to prep for sewing. Leave a hole in the bottom center so you can turn it right side out.

No need to pin the arm holes, we aren't sewing this just yet. {I must have been really exited because I didn't get a picture of this. :( Sorry!}

6. Sew!! All the way around except the arm holes. Don't sew the hole at the bottom shut!

7. Turn right side out and press. Make sure to fold and press the open seam at the bottom {where you turned the vest right side out} so it is ready to be top stitched shut.

8. Top stitch all the way around the outside. Double/triple over the elastic to make sure it stays put.

9. Now for the arm holes. Fold a hem under about 1/2 inch and pin in place. Hint: I did the main fabric first {it's hard to get your hand in there to manipulate all of that at once.}.

Once main fabric was complete I added the batting/lining fabric to it and replaced the pin.

10. Sew the arm holes. Not going to lie, this is tricky... Just go slow and take your time and it won't be so bad.

11. Press again.

12. Add buttons! I used a fabric marker to mark where I wanted the buttons to be.

Then simply hand stitched them in place.

You made it!! we are done!! And look how cute it turned out :)
Holiday vest I made for my nephew!  Tutorial to come, on Friday!
I hope you enjoyed this super cute Holiday Vest tutorial!

Please share a picture with me {bluejcottage (at) gmail (dot) com} if you end up making one! I love seeing what others make :)

Oh and if you run into trouble somewhere, don't be afraid to email me for help...I'd be glad to!

Thanks to Jennie for allowing me to share this tutorial! And congrats on your baby Norah...she's adorable!

Happy Sewing everyone!

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