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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miss Anne

the Anne handbag

I've had several e-mails about this pattern so far...before it was released.  Putting the photo on our blog and shop headers before finishing the pattern turned out to generate quite a few questions regarding availability.  In the future I will try to make sure patterns are available before they're just displayed...

But, it's finally ready now.  The Anne handbag is one of my personal favorites {I use it a lot!}.  Since I'm loving everything ruffled, the ruffle band on the top is the perfect addition.  And the ruffles make me think of Anne of Green Gables's puffed sleeves, and how those little details {or big in her case} can really make a statement!  It is now in the shop here {and here}.

As we work hard to design new and fun bags, are there any styles you'd like to see in the shop soon?


  1. What a cute bag! Congrats on the new pattern.

  2. The bag style is adorable. Of course, I love the name you chose!


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