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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Embroidery Quilt Along Progress


 It's me, Clara!

It seems like forever since I started this quilt, and I can't believe it's still not finished! I am really glad I used this fabric, it's so pretty. I made my quilt a little larger with twelve blocks instead of nine. For the three extra bloks I added a little Scottie dog, a mushroom, and Jennie's bicycle embroidery pattern.

Here is a little sampling of what it will look like when it's all finished.  I have done some of the quilting, just not moving very quickly. The quilting is  wavy lines around each block, smaller towards the center and then larger around the outer edge. It is new to me I usually don't change the way I quilt. I am excited to see how it looks when it's all quilted that way. Maybe today it will move to the top of the list!

Have a great day!


  1. What a happy quilt. I love that line of Heather Bailey fabrics and it's perfect with your sweet stitchery blocks.

  2. It's beautiful...I love heather bailey! Great job.

  3. It's pretty so far and will be so cozy when complete. I'm still trudging along slowly with my blocks but I do believe my SIL has already claimed the incomplete quilt! She was hanging out in my sewing room one day and saw the completed blocks and the blocks waiting for the embroidery and was already oohing and ahhing over the fabrics and cute designs.

    And I thought I'd get to keep this one. :)

  4. This is such an extra special heirloom treasure that I know will be loved and handed down from generation to generation! I hope to have more time to create masterpieces like this in oh... about 20 years when I retire. ;D

  5. Ooh, I love the wavy quilting. It's going to look fabulous when it's done!

  6. That is so beautiful. It has so many pretty colors that remind me of early summer!

  7. I really love this quilt. It brings back memories for me. The embroidery reminds me of the dresser scarves I have that my late mom and her sisters did when they were young. The fabrics remind me of the floral handkerchiefs she used to buy at Woolworth's when I was growing up. She was never without a freshly laundered handkerchief.


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