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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tutorial Update

After many requests {and actually having the baby}, I've updated my Not Your Average Nursing Cover tutorial with pictures of the cover in action {or at least with me holding the baby}.  In case you're wondering, the reason I call it "not average" is because I added a second strap to hold the cover in place a little lower.  After a year of nursing with the traditional nursing cover, I realized I needed a little extra help to keep it in place!  Oh, and I added a few extra details too!


  1. You're brilliant. Seriously, Miss Maze would flail her arms, grab my cover and pull it over her head, exposing... well... everything.

  2. It's totally adorable....of course all the cute ideas come after my kids are older! However, knowing my son and his ripping off the blanket at 3 months, I don't know if that would have covered me with only 2 straps...I probably need another three down the sides, so it could go around my back...but then I'd look like I was in a straight jacket! =)

  3. Thank you for the updated picture! It looks great.


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