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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I've been up to!

Sewing this cute little bonnet for baby Norah! I had so much fun making it, so fast and so cute. It is from the Little Bonnet pattern by Little Betty {sadly, her shop is on vacation right now!}. My favorite part is that it's reversible, I used Children at Play fabric and I love the way it looks. Too bad I don't have a little model to see it on. Guess I'll have to wait till Norah is wearing it and I get pictures of her in it.

Have a wonderful day! My husband is off today and we have some errands to run and I hope to get in a little more sewing.. I have a lot of projects that are not quite finished, just waiting. My sewing room is looking like it needs a little or a lot of cleaning and organizing so maybe that is in order for the day too!


  1. This is so sweet, Clara! I love both of the fabrics you used and it's even better that it's reversible.

  2. Hi Jennie and Clara,
    Thank you so much for visiting "Home is Where the Heart is" it's a pleasure meeting you girls.
    And what a creative team you are! I love your blog and have become your newest follower.
    Now I'm off to read more of your posts..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. How cute...but I want to see it on the baby!!! =) I'm glad you had some time to sew a little. =)

  4. Oh I love it! Cannot wait to see it on little Norah, you're too sweet {she sure is lucky to have such a talented Grandma!}. :)

  5. The most adorable bonnet ever. Can't wait to see it on your little dear.

  6. That is just too cute! How much fabric did it take? Perhaps a way to use up some of my FQs that I have collected and never used???? Hmmmmm..... Can't wait to see it on her.

  7. Hi there,
    The pattern required two fat quarters! Thank you for leaving us a comment!

  8. That bonnet is too sweet for words!

  9. Oh how sweet. This is such a precious little bonnet.
    Have a wonderful week. Sincerely, Trish


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