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Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm itching to sew...yet I seem to find myself sitting on the couch, watching Curious George or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse most of the time {or walking and bouncing a hiccup-y baby!}.  So, today I got out the book my mom gave me for Mother's Day {last year!} and started a little project.  The book is Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner and it's filled with pretty patterns.  My sister gave me several pairs of baby shoes and booties for Silas...but I wanted a warm, girly pair for Norah, so I started cutting these out:

Fabric: Meadow Dot by Sandi Henderson, Bliss by Bonnie & Camille, and Hello Betty! by Chloe's Closet

It may take a week {or more!} to get them finished, but it sure feels good to get some fabric cut up!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for your responses to my last post, I'm only a few blogs into my reading, but I'm realizing that we have some amazing readers!  I'm looking forward to getting to know you better {I will read through every blog...it is just taking a while because I don't want to just drop by and comment without checking things out thoroughly!}.

Please share your secrets: How do you find time to sew?


  1. Your booties are going to be so cute!

    Now that my younger son is 11 months old, I can usually sew in the middle of the night -- I take a nap from 9 til midnight or so, and then sew for a couple of hours. I can't remember what I did when he was a newborn, though! :D

  2. I don't. I used to craft and sew all the time. I still did until my daughter quit napping. Now that I have another baby on the way, I know that time is pretty much gone. However, I am looking forward to the day when my two girls can play together so maybe, just maybe, I will have some time to myself to do that. I do sometimes get away to the computer when she has quiet time, or if my husband helps out, but I don't have any dedicated crafting time unfortunately. Plus, when I do, I don't seem to have the energy. Sorry. I'm not helpful tonight! Maybe you could put Norah in a sling or bouncer or swing, and put on Silas's favorite shows where you need to sew. ?

  3. I love those fabrics... and that book! Can't wait to see them made up. Mine isn't much of a secret... truth be told the last 5 months have been a bit of a write-off in terms of sewing... my secret I suppose is school holidays?!
    What's your secret?!
    Keera x

  4. Strap your snuggles in a front carrier and set your machine up on your kitchen counter...and then give your little one a stack of fabric scraps a big piece of cardboard and a bottle of glue. Sometimes you HAVE to sew at all costs:)

  5. I've seen that book...those booties will be adorable!!!

    Finding time to sew didn't really happen when my kids were smaller. I did sew some...little dresses for DD...a few other things. I ended up crocheting more then...because I could do it at night when I was ready to crash and just wanted to watch a movie or something.

    Maybe you could schedule a couple times a week with your hubby - an hour or so on a couple different nights - where he watches the kids so you can sew? My husband did that when I was busier making handbags to sell. I don't miss having to sew at night though. =)

    Enjoy being a Mommy! They get big really really fast!

  6. I sneak in moments whenever I can...

    Plus, I do a lot of hand-stitching while nursing (if she isn't too nozy). :)

    Can't wait to see the booties!

  7. Those little booties are going to be so cute! Give Silas and little Norah hugs and kisses for me and Opa please. I know I could come back and cuddle and play with Silas and you could sew!! What an idea!

  8. Most of my sewing happens when my son is at preschool. He stopped napping regularly when he was 2. Since he's an only child, I am his playmate the rest of the day unless he decides to play with his Legos or watch a movie(s) in the afternoons. I cannot sew at night - I should not wield a rotary cutter after 9 pm!

  9. The key is organization. You must have things ready to go so that if you find 5-10 minutes you don't have to waste it setting things up. Also you have to remember that it is ok if the dishes don't get done and it is ok for the kids to lay on a blanket for a few minutes. Of course these things are generally only good for a few minutes. So....have your sewing ready to go. Does any of that make any sense?

  10. I hate to say it but when my boys were little I very rarely had any sewing time! As they got a older, they went out with Daddy and that's when I found an hour or two! The shoes are going to be SO cute!

  11. I have 3 small children, 2 at school at one at home. I just get on with my sewing and ignore/neglect everything else! Cleanliness may be next to godliness but it all gets dirty again pretty quick. Sometimes I find it useful to do some cutting in the evening so I can sew whenever I get a free few minutes in the day! Good luck!

  12. It gets better. Give it time, Nora is still tiny. You will find time to do the things you love.

  13. LOL! I am up by 2:30 am for my shift with the GM so in between bathroom runs with her I plan or sew! Love the booties. Hmmm...I do have a new great granddaughter due soon!


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