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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Atlantic!

Not that I put much thought into it, but after growing up in Washington state, I never thought my baby's first trip to the ocean would be the Atlantic.  But since my dad's job brought him and my mom out to Rhode Island for a week, the three of us drove over and met them {it still amazes me that the New England states are so close!}.

We wandered around Providence for a while {my parents are collecting photos of the state capitol buildings}, and then ventured to Jamestown and Newport.  However, as you can tell from the photos, the grandparents were more interested in the baby than the sights!

I don't think Silas complained about being held so much either, he just took in the surroundings and was along for the ride.

He even got to nap while being held, it was pretty much his ideal life {as he's made perfectly clear since returning home...he's napping in my arms as I type this!}

Mostly, it was just great to get away from the day to day and enjoy some family time.

What happy lives we live.  I hope your weekend was as blissful as mine.


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