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Friday, January 7, 2011


We went on a little quilt shop adventure yesterday.  My mom. Silas and I all piled in her car, set the TomTom to a {sort of} nearby quilt shop, and began our journey.  At our first stop I picked up these adorable fat quarters of Cloud 9 My Happy Garden.  I just couldn't resist those lovely blues, greens, and yellows, top it off with birdies and I was sold!

We ventured on from there to another quilt shop, not quite an hour down the road, and from there, while we were on our way home, my wheeles started turning.  I suddenly realized we weren't that far from Charlottesville...and another quilt shop we had wanted to visit!  My mom turned the car around and we continued down the road.  Not only was it a great quilt shop, guess what was across the street?

Anthropologie!  Talk about irrisitable.  We wandered around and looked at everything, even Silas enjoyed the displays {how could he not?}.  However, when we got back in the car we realized we were over two hours from home.  Oops...that wasn't really the plan.

Fortunately, Silas was ready for a nap and did really well on the drive home.  Who knew getting a little sidetracked would have such fun results?  I guess I should let my mom drive more often!

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  1. Oh, how fun to do something like that with your mom! I love doing things with my mom, but she hates driving so road trips are usually out of the question. I'm so glad you had such a happy day with her, and that Silas was so good.


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