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Friday, February 11, 2011

5/52 :: Juice

Silas' favorite word these days is juice.  He started associating the word with his cup late last week, and by this week, he even knows the difference between a cup filled with juice and one filled with water {for the record, he cannot say water, he just throws a cup full of water down and keeps saying "juice"!}.  It was the first word out of his mouth this morning, hence the sleepy, pajama clad photo.  Now, if only I could get him to say mama {he can say it...just won't!}.


  1. cute pic of the baby..My husband and I have been providing day care for our 28 month old grandson since he was 4 months old..He is so much fun to have here. We travel 20 miles every morning at 6:30 to go get him and his mom picks him up after work each day around 5. He is finally starting to talk a little. I know he can talk but he only says things when HE wants to. When he naps I spend every minute in my sewing room. I have made a 100+ quilts since I retired in 2003.
    Love your monthly stash ideas.
    just wanted to say hi.
    I have a blog....its

    come by to visit!

    barbara (aka beebee)


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