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Monday, February 28, 2011


Wonderland Pincushion
Our Pincushion was featured in Flickr's Explore!

Things have been a bit crazy around here as of late.  Silas was tested around his birthday for lead, and to our complete shock, he had very high levels.  Through a bunch of tests, and eventually testing our house, we discovered all our beautiful sun rooms are painted with lead paint, which was painted over during renovations, but the new paint has started to peel, leaving us exposed to lead.

We're working on getting things all taken care of, and Silas is no longer staying at the house, but it's also thrown a wrench into things.  I will try to keep blogging, but my posts may be a little scattered  However, I'll be back tomorrow with the winner for the Stash Project {there's still time to submit yours!} and the start of a new giveaway!  There's still time to enter your creation and if you're looking for something else fun, consider joining one of our lovely friend's Pay It Forward.  Hope your week is off to a great start.  I'm off to the quilt shop for a little retail therapy in the midst of the madness!


  1. Oh no, poor Silas! I hope he will be okay. My best to you all.

  2. OH!!!! I'll be praying! Hope you are doing ok too!
    love to you!

  3. Wow that is scary...hope the clean up goes well and everything gets back to normal for you soon. :)

  4. Oh no! Hope you guys get everything back to normal soon... that doesn't sound like fun. :(


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