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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy, Busy!

I've been holding out...here I've been carrying this bag around for a few weeks now, and haven't show you as much as a peek!  But, since the pattern doesn't seem to be writing itself, I thought maybe getting a glimpse of it out there would motivate me to sit and type while I do nothing else in the evening.

Do you have any tricks for getting yourselves motivated {please tell me I'm not the only one who has piles of fabric and struggles to make much of anything - or write the pattern when I do make it!}?


  1. Oh no! You are not alone! I have been so busy at work that when I get home I struggle with serious lack of motivation. UGH!!

  2. I just had to comment that every time I open your blog and see the pic of mom and daughter, I think to myself I can't figure out who's who!!!!

    Reward yourself with something ridiculously indulgent if you get your pattern written - a facial, massage, a bag of chocolates, some new fabrics.... or, another trick is to sit down and do it and tell yourself you can't go potty until you're done!!!!! lol!

  3. Ooo, hexagon/subway tiles! That's fancy AND fun! It's beautiful.

  4. I've only just begun trying to create my own patterns but they all sit in a graph paper notebook. I have no idea where to begin transforming them into real patterns. Sigh... I'm there with you on motivation!

  5. I decided that I could not start a new project until finishing the last one. It's been SUPER hard, but I've stuck to it for over a year now!

    I have 2 categories~ quilt swaps & personal projects. I prioritize with deadlines, like swaps or presents, the rest I put on a shelf for "later."

    "My" projects are organized into clear bags. I put the fabrics & pattern or sketch/notes all together so it's ready when I am.

    I've FINISHED... a kids quilt, an Xmas quilt, 2 sets of mini quilt trios, a bag, a kids art satchel and a bunch of other toddler presents/projects.

    I make up the pattern & make the item, but rarely type the pattern up for resale. I've sold a couple professional looking ones to local quilt shops, but mostly they want to sell their own, so there isn't much money in it :(

    It would be a LOT more motivating if I knew the patterns would sell :) I think that's why I drag my feet when it comes to typing up the pattern? Also b/c I need to take the photos at the same time so I usually have to make the project twice. Anyways, I'm with you on that one :)

    Flickr~ Lovethesky40


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