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Friday, August 26, 2011

33/52 :: Teething

This is how Silas has spent a good portion of his week, with his fingers in his mouth!  I'm just certain tooth number eight is about to poke through...he's not usually a fingers-in-his-mouth type of baby {yet, I'm going to keep calling him a baby as long as I can...it's only a matter of time!}.  Since he's seemed a bit miserable, I've let him spend some time watching his favorite show {Micky Mouse Clubhouse}, and cuddling with Snoopy and his Hungry Caterpillar quilt {thanks again Missy, he loves it!}.  It has been quite the week...

P.S. For everyone who's new here, welcome! I post a weekly photo of my little boy as part of a Project 52, I hope you enjoy watching him grow up as much as I have!


  1. Aw, poor little guy! My daughter did the same thing when she was teething...and is doing it again now that molars are coming in. It's rough on them!

  2. Poor guy! I feel your and his pain. My little girl has several teeth trying to poke through. She is almost 9 months old and she constantly has everything in her mouth lately. Poor babies.

    I say call him a baby as long as you want. He will always be your baby. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  3. Aww, he is getting so big! Poor little guy, teeth are just awful. You made my day, I love that quilt. It is still one of my favorites!

  4. What a cutie! Teething is such a miserable time for some little ones. He just looks so sweet with his cuddlys all around him. Hope his new tooth comes through very very soon. Hugs...

  5. Too cute, love our little grandbaby!!So sorry to hear about the teething, poor little guy!!


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