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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Embroidery 101: Block Four

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Has it been two weeks already?  I can't believe we're already on to block four, but here it is!  Download the PDF pattern here or the JPG image here.  This new block uses the Back Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch and Satin Stitch from before and also incorporates the new Double Cross Stitch and Long and Short Stitch we learned this week.

I hope you enjoy this new block as much as I have, I think it is one of my favorites so far!  Also, if you're worried about not having enough thread, feel free to use the Back Stitch to outline the roof instead of filling it in with Satin Stitch.

Embroidery 101: Block Four

I realized when drawing this block that I didn't include a neutral thread in our color scheme! Oops. So, I've stitched the tree in orange, but feel free to add a brown to you threads if you want.

Embroidery 101: Block Four

And here's the stitch diagram:

Embroidery 101: Block Four Stitch Chart

The birdie is worked in the Long and Short Stitch in two colors of blue, here's a little diagram of how I worked the stitches:

Emboridery 101: Birdie Detail

Happy Stitching,

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  1. OOH! I LOVE birdhouses! i'm excited to get started stitching this one. you have some really great designs for us... Thank you! :D

  2. OK - I can't find where you click to download

  3. I really like this block but I have a question. Is the bird in the two shades of turquoise? It looks like that would add dimension but I want to be sure. Thanks for such great patterns!

  4. It's official I'm two weeks behind. I've got block one and two done. Need to make time for three and four! I love the designs! If only I could keep up. Thank you thank you for these patterns/designs! So cheerful!!

  5. I love the bird house it is so neat with the shingles. I have it all done but the tree and bird.

  6. I finally finished!!! I didn't make your linky above...but I did it. =) This summer has been so hectic...I'm really tired! I am just realizing it more and more!


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