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Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Place to Quilt

Remember this sneak peek I gave you? You may have actually seen these photos on Rhonda's blog, Quilter in the Gap on Sunday {and even though I'm showing them here, you should still pay her a visit!}, but I thought I'd post them here too!

So, without {too much} further ado, here's my new sewing space on one side of our family room/office:

Sewing Space

Interestingly, our house is a three bedroom, but this time around I've chosen to put the sewing things out in the family room area. Since I apparently don't like to spend time alone, sewing by myself in another part of the house doesn't really work for me.

Fabric Stash

I've reorganized my stash of fabrics in hopes I will be inspired to create my own fabric combinations a little bit more, instead of just sticking to one line of fabric for a project. I'm also loving the way the mini bolts look, just for cuteness sake!

Cutting/Drawing Table

I've got a little cutting table set up, with some extra supplies as this also doubles as my drawing area {where the Embroidery 101 blocks get designed}, and iron storage, when the ironing board is put away {which it rarely is!}.

Ironing Corner

I've repurposed our coat tree into the perfect spot for all my bags to hang {no, I don't have a problem}, and am shocked it's already so full. I've also got my batting roll hidden in the corner!

Sewing Table

My sewing machine gets to occupy her own table, with the works in progress in the back.

More Stash and Storage

And, since this is a tiny little house, under the tables also gets to be a big storage area too.

Pretty Little Things

What kind of place would be complete without a few pretty things? As you can tell, I really love violets!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour. Now I've just got to put it to use and make some stuff!

P.S. I linked up with Thearica @ Pigtales & Quilts!


  1. You have the sweetest sewing area. :0)

  2. wow jennie...i have been debating for ages whether or not to lug some of my sewing stuff downstairs into our family/living area too! i love sewing alone, but never seem to have time unless its night...and wonder if my sewing area was 'near the action' if i would do it more often, or just have 'stuff' laying all around the house?????
    decisions decisions...
    your space is beautiful!

  3. Your crafting space is so neat and tidy. If only I could keep mine looking so nice!

  4. Very nice sewing area! My favorite spot is the wall displays your small quilts. By keeping your sewing out in the open, you'll be forced to stay tidy. I know by experience that if I have my own room, chaos seems to take over!

  5. I too have considered moving my sewing "room" to our living area, mainly because we're going to need the office space for my son's big boy room. In the end, though, I've hesitated because I worry that my two kids (ages 4 and 21 months) will get into everything. It's like moths to a flame! Is that ever a problem for you? Any tips?

  6. So pretty. Your area just inspires creativity!

  7. Awesome sewing area! Thanks for linking up with the rest of us! Send some of your friends over to link up too! :)


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